At Premium Tyre Service we specialise in:
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Professional Service
  • Affordable Prices
  • Mechanical Service
  • A wide Range of Tyres - from budget to premium!
Premium Tyre Service are wheel alignment specialists who also offer rego inspections, truck, industrial & earthmoving services.

Schedule a wheel alignment service appointment today to help ensure proper wheel alignment for optimal tyre wear and handling. Our specialists are dedicated to offering a one-stop service. This means our engineers carry out all the necessary measurements, adjustments, and if necessary, repairs to ensure that your car is operating at maximum efficiency.

Suspension Service & Repair

If you are driving your car and it feels unusual while turning corners, leans to one side, or develops noises when you're going over bumps, you may have a suspension problem. Bring in your car and we will check for any issues or repairs that may be needed. A free estimate is provided and visual inspections are done at no charge.

Expert Advice On All Things Tyres

To keep the tread in constant contact with the road, the wheel and tyre have to be correctly balanced. If the vehicle was to be raised on a jack and the wheel spun by hand, an unbalanced wheel would always stop at the same point - with the heavier imbalance being of course at the bottom of the wheel.

Quality tyres and tyre service are essential to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Make sure you come and see us for regular tyre checks, especially if you're planning a long road trip.

Your Safety Is Our Priority!

We're committed to using the best precision equipment and state of the art technology to test, repair and fit your tyres to ensure maximum vehicle safety. That is why our qualified tyre fitters prove nothing less than quality, professional services, including:

  • Tyre Safety Testing
  • Repairs & Alignment
  • Fast Service
  • Expert Advice
  • Precision Work Practices